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VTInvoice – is an easy, fast and intuitive billing program.

With VTInvoice you gain:

comprehensive and intuitive program
transparent and simple interface
time saving
data security
full payment control
large functionality
improved efficiency
ease and flexibility

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Product Description

All documents

VTInvoice handles all accounting documents, allows for easy and quick issuing of invoices, receipts, adjustments, payment invoices, pro forma invoices in multiple languages ​​and any currency, converting them automatically according to the exchange rate.

Full Control

The program allows automatic payment records and verification of regulated and unregulated invoices, which connect with bank statements. It also gives full support for warehouse management and control over inventory and cash in registers.

Analysis and reports

VTInvoice enables the preparation of multi-dimensional sales analysis presented in the form of reports and charts, tracking sales growth over time and grouping of data according to selected customers or products.

Additional Features

The program gives you the ability to create extensive databases of contractors, goods and documents and automatic numbering. It also allows the introduction of several types of prices in different currencies for different goods, transparent policy conducting of granting discounts, and making financial settlements with any selected bank account belonging to the company.

System Requirements

 a PC running MS Windows XP SP3, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8,
 1024 MB RAM (or more)
 about 100 MB free hard disk space,
 any CD-ROM drive.
 Database operating system MS SQL Server 2012, 2014 – the package includes a free version of Microsoft SQL Server Local DB 2012.